One of the most well-known Greek islands and frequently referred to as “the jewel” of the Aegean Sea, Mykonos receives thousands of visitors each year. Mykonos is regarded as the ideal vacation spot because of its “cosmopolitan vibe,” exciting nightlife, distinctive Cycladic architecture, wonderful Mediterranean climate, and lovely beaches!

Dream moments await you at Mykonos Beaches

Beaches on Mykonos

The beaches on Mykonos are well-known throughout Europe and are regarded as some of the best in the Aegean Sea.

Mykonos is known all over the world for the large number of sandy beaches, characterized by the green blue color. At Mykonos the visitor can find from lonely peaceful beaches (like Ftelia) to organized crowded beaches with beach bars (better lets call them beach clubs) which play all kinds of dance music, and many times with world famous DJ’s (like Super Paradise).

Even from the main port of Mykonos, the traveler is impressed from the small beach and gets a feeling of the types of Mykonos beaches. The golden and very light sand is the main characteristic of a big number of Mykonos beaches.

If you are interested to find peaceful lonely beaches in Mykonos for sure you will need a vehicle. Even if the majority of Mykonos beaches are ideal, for special places the road conditions are not so ideal but the final destinations deserve the effort.

For the more crowded beaches like (Super Paradise, Ornos, Elia) public transportation it’s nice, you can select to go either by bus or by small boats. Additionally Mykonos has a lot of Taxi’s which can take you 24hours per day all over Mykonos (but be prepared for high prices).

Agios Ioannis Beach

Best known as Shirley Valentine beach, because of the 1980’s English movie filmed on Mykonos, it is one of the best spots to watch the sunset, especially in September and October as the sun moves closer to the southern sky.

You can view the island of Delos from this pebble and sand beach or while floating in the blue sea. Let your imagination take you to mythical times and the birth of Apollo, the god of light and his twin, Artemis. This magical event is said to have taken place on Delos.

From the dock of Agios Ioannis you can view a point of light on a clear summer day. This is one of three places in the world where the sun is brighter than anywhere else. The sun shines on the water and you can view a current running across the sea, thus being a special part of the birthplace of Apollo (God of light).

Another legend associated with this beach, is the story of the mermaids. The story was created, during war times, as a scare tactic to try to keep people from coming to the beach at night, so that men arriving in boats carrying black market goods could unload their cargo at the dock. The story told was that these half female – half fish creatures would lure you to them and take you to their world at the bottom of the sea.

Agios Ioannis Small White Sand Beach

This is a small, rather tranquil Mykonos beach where you can relax under the sun or enjoy a meal at one of the tavernas just a few footsteps away from the sea. Agios Ioannis Beach is divided into two sections separated by a large, rocky area.

On the right side is the dock, a beach, a bus stop and a large parking area. On the left side of the rocks is the longest section of the beach with a limited parking area and a bus stop.

On the longer section of the beach there are some umbrellas and sun beds available for rent or there is enough open space to lay a towel on the sand. It is a child-friendly beach with shallow water at the shore line to play in. Not extremely protected from the north winds, but is fairly calm on most days.

Surrounded by hill sides where you can find hotels, villas, rooms for rent, apartments and houses. This beach can be reached by public transportation or by rental car – motorbike.

Ornos Beach

This is a convenient, family-friendly beach where you can find a relaxing atmosphere, though sometimes it can be very crowded. Ornos is a large beach with many sun beds and umbrellas available for rent and also space to lay a towel. Shallow water along the shore line that is perfect for children to play in.

This beachside community has many tavernas, cafes and restaurants right on the beach for easy access. At least one beach bar on the far left even has beach service. This beach community provides services for almost all your needs.

Either on the beach or within easy walking distance there are mini markets, super market, bakery, pharmacy, butcher and more. You can reach this beach by public transportation and there is some parking for rental cars – motorbikes.

Ornos ideal Beach for families

The Ornos Beach area is surrounded by hotels, apartments, rooms for rent and villas. There are even a few luxury hotels and private villas that attract celebrities and kings from around the world as guests. In this protected cove you can always find a wide array of private yachts, leisure boats and fishing boats anchored.

As there is rarely a south wind in the summertime, Ornos bay provides a safe haven from the ‘meltemi” (northwest wind that can be strong, blowing during the day and dying down in the evening).

Ornos Beach is one of the two starting points for the boats/caique taking you to or returning you from other southern beaches.

A unique experience not to be missed! Discover more natural, serene beaches on the island of Rhenia (known to the locals as big Delos). This island is located just to the west of Delos. Enjoy the crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches of this special place.

Arriving at this uninhabited location you nearly feel transported back in time to the ancient civilization. You are able to take a boat from Ornos Beach, leaving in the morning and returning in the afternoon.

On the left side of the beach is a dock with a boat launch where you can try your luck at fishing or watch the local fishermen repairing their nets. In early morning you can see the fishermen arriving back to shore with their catch of the day before loading on to transport for delivery to local restaurants, tavernas or the harbor fish market.

At the mouth of Ornos bay there is a large, slightly submerged rock to be navigated by boats, on which during quiet, less crowded periods you can view seals swimming or sunning themselves on top of the rock.

Psarou Beach

This attractive little beach offers protected, clear, tranquil waters at the bottom of dramatic rocky hill sides, located a short walking distance to the right of Platys Gialos Beach.

You can always find some fishing boats and private yachts anchored in the bay. Take in the view of fantastic colors in the early morning as the sun rises over the hilltops or late afternoon as it sinks behind the rocks. Stunning!

Psarou medium size sandy Beach

You can get there by public transportation (though by bus, you must walk from Platys Gialos or down the mountain path located approximately one hundred fifty meters from the end of the road).

You can also rent a car or motorbike and drive down the steep slope, parking in the lot near to the beach. There is a boat/caique originating from Ornos Beach to take you to Psarou Beach.

This is not a party beach, so come here to relax or socialize. There are sun beds and umbrellas available for rent and limited areas to lay your towel. You can find a restaurant, sushi bar, cafe and even a traditional Greek taverna on the far left. The restaurant does provide beach service.

An extensive scuba diving center is located behind the restaurant on the beach. Whether an experienced diver or a beginner you have the opportunity to discover the sea life or the mystery of a sunken ship.

Platis Gialos Beach

This is an extensive beach side community with places to lay a towel or sun beds and umbrellas available for rent. Protection from the wind is provided by the surrounding hill sides and the fact that most of the restaurants and some of the hotels are located right on the beach.

You will find plenty of hotels, rooms for rent, apartments, villas (private and rental), mini markets, tavernas, restaurants, souvenir shops and beach bars.

This is a convenient, family-friendly beach including several playgrounds. A sandy beach, equipped with a life guard on duty, offering a perfect shallow shoreline for children to play in. While lounging on the beach or around one of the swimming pools watch the sun glistening on the sea like diamonds. A wide ranging water sports area with water skiing, jet skis, all kinds of towable tubes, banana boat water sleds and parasailing is offered here.

Platis Gialos Beach

Platis Gialos Beach stays alive well into the evening. Watch the sun sink over the hill side and then take the opportunity to stroll along the beach or sit to enjoy a glass of wine or a meal under the stars watching the lights reflecting on the sea. If you are looking for traditional Greek dancing you might catch Greek Night offered by at least one of the tavernas or one of the hotels.

To arrive at Platis Gialos Beach you can take frequent public transportation, rental car or motorbike (though parking is somewhat limited). You can easily access most southern beaches via boat/caique that originate from or return to the cement dock on the right side of the beach.

Local fishermen bring in their catch of the day to this dock and if your timing is right you can see them unloading the fish from their nets before delivering their catch to the tavernas and restaurants on the beach. Plati Gialos Beach is an easy walk to the beaches of Agia Anna and Paraga, just follow the gentle footpath to the left. Next to the footpath is an outcropping of rocks to climb on or discover sealife.

Try your luck fishing at a beach bar or the water, if you are unable to catch anything… maybe there is something wrong with the bait.

Agia Anna Beach

This little beach has a traditional fish taverna and a restaurant, both offering their own parking. Because of its location and a bamboo fence this beach is protected from both the north and the south winds. It has sun beds and umbrellas available for rent on the right side of the beach.

On the right there is a small public parking area with a boat launch and a gentle footpath connecting it with Platys Gialos Beach. To the left you can continue walking on a footpath to Paraga Beach.

Agia Anna offers a few sun beds, umbrellas and rooms for rent. You can see the beaches of Platys Gialos and Psarou from here. This is the only beach on the southern side of Mykonos that is protected from the rare south winds.

The traditional, tiny church across from the boat launch is always open, where you are welcome to enter and light a candle.

Agia Anna is a somewhat hidden little beach but is just a few minutes walk from Kalafatis Beach.

In the area surrounding the beach there are restaurants, tarvernas, rooms to rent and a hotel. It may seem like it is a private beach because it is mostly occupied by guests of the hotel, but it is a public beach.

This area of the island is a change of pace from the cosmopolitan bustle of Mykonos Town. Very traditionally Greek, this grouping of fish tavernas, local fishermen’s houses and fishing boats to the left side of the beach, gives you a feeling of a village. Watch the locals bring in their catch of the day or sitting in the sun repairing their fishing nets.

Enjoy a meal in one of the tavernas and listen to the locals swapping stories of the sea over ouzo. Facing the north side of this small peninsula, watch the wind surfers of Kalifatis Beach. There is also a taverna and a pizza restaurant on the corner before you arrive at Agia Anna Beach.

On both ends of the beach there are lots of rocky areas to climb around on where you can discover shells and sea life. There are two craggy rock hills jutting out of the sea between Agia Anna and Kalafatis beaches known as Divounia (these mounds are also known as ‘Aphrodite’s tits’?).

Best reached by rental car, motorbike, taxi or public bus. The bus originates at the intersection near the old port behind the museum, getting off at the bus stop just before you arrive at Kalafatis Beach.

Paraga Beach

This is a popular beach with the locals as well as the tourists. Paraga Beach is one of the beaches originally made famous by the hippie generation, being one of the first clothing-optional beaches of Mykonos.

You can still find a laid back attitude mixed in with a party atmosphere. The music can get loud in front of the restaurant – beach bar, especially in August, when the Italian crowd flocks to Paraga Beach.

You can find sun beds and umbrellas for rent or a place to lay your towel on this sandy beach. Swim in the clear waters out to the rock, just a few meters from the shore and take a dive into the sea. This is one of the few beaches where you can find trees providing some shade.

The shore line has shallow waters safe enough for a child to play in. Part of the beach has a bamboo fence to offer some wind protection. There are nice, large, smooth rocks on the left side to lie on or discover small tidal-like pools.

Paraga Beach

If you find yourself needing a break from the beach, take a hike to the right and follow the footpaths up the rocky hill or out to the point of the rocky headland. It will give you a completely new view of the sea. You can also find a bit more privacy if you choose to spend some time away from the beach.

An alternative hike is on a footpath following the headland to the left of the beach, this is one of the ways you can reach Paradise Beach (ten minute walk) or just take in the view.

Paraga Beach offers lifeguard services, a restaurant – bar with beach service, a taverna with some tables on the beach and cafe beach bar also with beach service. A little to the left of the beach is a pool bar. Mykonos camping is just beyond this pool bar and extends out to the point of the headland. You can find rooms to rent, hotels and apartments around the perimeter of Paraga Beach.

You can get to Paraga Beach by public transportation, rental car – motorbike or boat/caique originating from or returning to Ornos or Platys Gialos beaches. Bus service directly to the beach is only offered during peak season, otherwise you have to walk from Paradise Beach bus stop. There is a footpath over the hill, just a short ten minute walk.

You can also walk from Platys Gialos Beach on a gentle footpath crossing over Agia Anna Beach (a small beach separating the two.) If driving, there is a small, free parking lot for the customers of the taverna or cafe beach bar on the left side of the beach and a large parking lot that charges a fee on the right side of the beach.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is one of the ten most well known beaches of the world. This party beach was originally made famous by the hippie generation dating back as far as 1969. This is still the place to go if you are looking for a beach where ‘anything goes”.

Known for special events, such as Full Moon Parties and Bubble Parties, this can be a beach to relax on or die partying. Don’t miss the closing party if you’re on Mykonos in early September.

It’s mostly multicultural, young twenty something’s, but you can find a mix of all ages. Paradise Beach is a good place to sleep off a hangover in early afternoon with the throbbing music from several beach bars picking up at around 16:00 where you can start the party all over again. Bodies everywhere, dancing on the bars or on the sand, it’s amazing that after a few minutes you don’t even notice if people are dressed or undressed.

Paradise Beach

One of the most easily accessible beaches as it has the most frequent bus service from Mykonos Town, including special event shuttle buses. You can also reach the beach by catching a boat/caique originating from or returning to Platys Gialos or Ornos beaches, taxi or a rental car – motorbike.

There is a footpath over the hill to the right leading to Paraga Beach, approximately a ten minute walk. Sun beds and umbrellas are available for rent, there is also an area that offers wind protection behind a bamboo fence. Uni – sex toilets, so be prepared to share.

In general you will find a pool dance club, beach bar, self service restaurant, snack bar, croissanterie, mini market and boutique. Equipped with a lifeguard, this is one of the big water sport beaches offering a scuba diving center, jet skis, water skiing, snorkeling, parasailing, banana boats, tubes, canoes and pedal boats.

Paradise Beach also features beach volley, horseback riding and bungee catapult. Similar to bungee jumping except that you start on the ground. Catapult is also known as “Reverse Bungee” and “Bungee Rocket”. You shoot up into the air at approximately gazillion miles per hour, eventually stopping and continuing like you would any normal jump.

A big attraction for young, bohemian party people is Paradise Camping. This complex offers apartments, rooms, beach cabins, camping tents and community toilets / showers just a few meters behind the party scene and beneath the shade of the trees. There is a Paradise Camping shuttle service that can pick you up from the port or airport.

Last but not least grab a bottle and toast “to your health”. Be aware of the sea life (urchins, jelly fish) and the natural setting. Watch where you step!

Elia Beach

Elia is a busy beach and a favorite of many, especially the gay crowd, to spend the day chilling out or socializing. It has become quite the meeting place and many plans for the evening or holiday romances are formed here.

This beach offers some of the softer sand on Mykonos and is also one of the longest. The location provides a bit of protection, one of the best on a very windy day when the north wind is blowing.

Elia Beach

There are several places to eat, drink or relax out of the summer sun with beach service also available. Umbrellas and sun beds for rent, bathrooms – showers, and water sports, including parasailing can be found on Elia Beach.

Though predominately gay, everyone can feel comfortable here. The left side of the beach is more of a mix of people, whereas the right side is mostly clothing-optional and preferred by a lot of gays. Continue to the right, over the rocks toward Agrari Beach, to find two little beaches tucked away that are popular meeting places for the gay crowd.

Elia is the last stop for the boats/caique leaving from or returning to Platys Gialos or Ornos beaches. You can also get there by public transportation, the bus originating at the intersection near the old port behind the museum or rental car – motorbike.

Kalo Livadi Beach

You won’t find the music pumping here, what you will find are people relaxing in the sun or playing an impromptu game of paddleball in the shallow waters along the shoreline and yachts anchored in the bay.

Even though this is a southern beach, it is not extremely protected from the north wind. There is some bamboo fencing and a few bushes on part of the beach providing a bit of wind protection.

Kalo Livadi Beach is a quiet, long stretch of sandy beach that is popular with a mix of families and Greek tourists. You can find many sun beds and umbrellas for rent and possibly a bit of space to lay your towel. Enjoy water sports, paddle boats, kayaks where there is a lifeguard on duty.

Kalo Livadi Beach

Hillsides surrounding the beach provide hotels, apartments and rooms for rent. Across the road you will find a few beach bars providing beach service, a restaurant – lounge and tavernas where you can enjoy a meal, taking a break from the summer sun.

When coming down the hill to the beach or while lying on the beach, look out to the middle of the bay and see a rock formation known as Kalafakiona. This is a popular place with the local fishermen for trapping different types of lobsters as it has small sandy caves where they like to hide.

Best reached by taxi or rental car – motorbike, but you can also take the bus originating from the intersection near the old port behind the museum. Get off the bus at the top of the hill where it turns to go to Elia Beach and walk about ten minutes downhill to your left. If driving, you will find plenty of parking available along the whole stretch of the beach.

Houlakia Beach

The rounded stones that make up this natural phenomenon, unique to Mykonos, are known as Houlakia. You will not find this anywhere else.

You might find rounded stones elsewhere, but not with the composite, color or size of the stones forming this beach. These incredible, rounded stones have been formed, while tumbling around in the sea for thousands of years, some being reclaimed to create this beach. This is a natural, protected area where it is now prohibited to remove any of these special stones.

The shoreline of Houlakia Beach, divided into two parts, is made up only of stones. The left side does have a cove with a small sandy area just a few meters behind the rocky shoreline. On this sandy area you can find some umbrellas and sun beds near a family owned restaurant and hotel.

This isolated beach is never crowded, even during high season. If you choose to take a swim here, you can even feel the smoothness under your feet, as the stones also extend into the sea.

The right side has no place to lay a towel, but if you would like to view these stones, there is a footpath along the top side of the beach. There is only space for a car or two to park, right next to the main road, on this side of the beach.

Houlakia Beach is ideal to view the sun sinking into the sea behind Delos Island. The day lasts a little longer here. There are a few hotels, villas (private and for rent), apartments and a restaurant in this area. Because of the view many people have chosen to build houses and villas on this previously uninhabited part of Mykonos, even though it is not protected from the north wind.

The best way to reach this beach is by rental car – motorbike. Access to the left side is via a dirt path, off the main road leading to a parking area for Houlakia Beach. There is no bus service directly to this beach, but you can walk approximately one kilometer (0.7miles) from the Agios Stefanos Beach bus stop. If you take a taxi, the only way to return would be to call one from the restaurant.

Lia Beach

Lia is a small, peaceful beach made up of sand, pebbles and stones.

There is no bus service, but you can reach it by taxi or rental car – motorbike on a trip through the tranquil country side after passing by the village of Ano Mera. In recent years the road has been paved for easier access.

Being one of the furthest beaches from Mykonos Town makes this a place to escape to. This gem of a beach is very popular with the Greeks. You will find several tavernas, sun beds and umbrellas for rent and wind protection behind a bamboo fence. A beach bar provides beach service if you want to just relax on your sun bed or towel.

On the far right side of the beach there are nice, smooth rock outcroppings where you can lay and enjoy the sun or the view. As with most of the southern beaches, you are able to see the islands of Naxos and Paros.

Agios Stefanos Beach

Agios Stefanos Beach is located just around the corner from the new port of Tourlos. It is a sandy, family – friendly beach with shallow waters along the shoreline for children to play in. The water is so clean and clear, it creates a perfect swimming environment including a wonderful, sandy sea floor. When the north wind blows it can be somewhat windy on this beach.

Agios Stefanos Beach

You can find sun beds and umbrellas for rent, but there is also the luxury of a lot of open areas to lay your towel. There is a beach volley court, lots of space to play paddle ball or let your children run free. The Nautical Association of Mykonos provides morning swimming, small craft sailing and windsurfing lessons on this beach, for the local children.

Agios Stefanos Beach caters to many tastes. This beach is surrounded by many places to eat and drink, including a snack bar, tavernas and restaurants, some even provide beach service. Around the beach area and hillside behind, you will find many hotels, apartments, villas, rooms to rent and mini markets.

The wide, open view from this part of the island takes in Mykonos Town, the islands of Delos and Rhenia, a clear view of the sunset and boats/ships passing in the distance.

There is bus service, originating from the old port next to the dock where the ferries arrive. Alternatively you can take a taxi or a rental car – motorbike.

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